During my work on some personal project, I was digging around the web(Reddit, …) and I’ve found that great Debugging library developed by Facebook and named Stetho

The Stetho Library

This library as for goal to allow you to debug your android application by using the Chrome Developer Tools feature.

Concerning the Database Inspection and the View Hierarchy everything work fine just after adding the library and enabled it like it’s explained on the Stetho website.

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Hello everyone,

With my first post, I want to describe the goal of this blog and with what it is made.

So let’s start with the goal. This blog have several goal, it’s firstly an experiment to discover new technology and project. From this and my other experiments I will try to fulfill this blog with explanation or tutorial on these experiments. The main category of the post will be Android development, because I’m an android dev and most of the techno I discover are related to my job.

Now a little talk about the technology used here, this blog is generated by Octopress and use the greyshade theme by Shashank Mehta.

Note that the only condition from the author is that you use a unique highlight color. In the above, my highlight color is #64dd17, and if you search this color, you will find it’s the Material Light Green A700 color, yep still with Android.